Welcome to the kingdom of Raspberry.

Sit back, you are about to go on a journey.


We are Trastena.

The Raspberry is our queen. We make wines from 100% organic raspberries and oh boy, they are good. 100% craft wines. 100% fair trade. 100% awesome. We are the first and biggest producer of fruit wines in Bulgaria and our products are cherished by foodies and adored by premium gourmet businesses all around the world. 



Trastena Raspberry Wine

Trastena Raspberry Rose

Trastena Raspberry and Merlot

Trastena 3 bottlŠµ Set

You can always have the best of all with our mix box!


We deliver to all EU Locations with safe packaging and secure insurance of the wine.

Trastena Wines Bulgaria

Sofia, Totleben Blvd. 34 Floor 2
[email protected]

Trastena Wines France

Paris 6 bis Rue César Franck, 75015
+33 7 71 87 15 12
[email protected]

Trastena Wines Switzerland

+41 789 568 339
[email protected]

Trastena Wines Belgium

+32 494 988 781
[email protected]

Please drop us your postal code and country and we will get back to you with terms of delivery shortly.

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